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The Natural Beauty Of The Akana Swampland Plant Communities

An Outline Of The Akana Swampland Plant Communities

The communities developed from the swamps in the heart of the Nagao reservoir, located in the town's Fukuda area, into the largest Japanese alder forest in the Prefecture, within which beautiful swampland plants are known to flourish.

In the deep green of the alder trees, the western-most community of wild-growing Bogbean in modern day Japan grows. Come and marvel with us as we watch Marsh marigolds, Ragwort, Lobelia, Japanese irises, and many more flowers of the four seasons blossom around us.

In the open wetlands, you will find White egret orchids, Crested ibis orchids, Persimmon orchids, and many other rare types of flowers. Round leaf sundews, Bladderworts, and other carnivorous plants are also native to this area. In addition, the smallest dragonflies in the world, often called "the phantom dragonflies," can often be found in the swamplands. Close by you can find the "Forest green tree frog pond and countryside pasture forest." This wonderful area is truly a museum of living nature.

The best times to see the Swamplands:

Viewing Chart A M J J A S O
Marsh Marigold x x
Bogbean x x
Crested Ibis Orchid x x
White Vanilla Orchid x x
Persimmon Orchid x x
Japanese Iris x x
Pygmy water-lily x x x x
Ragwort x
Round leaf sundew x x x
Tiger lily x x
White Egret orchid x
Lobelia x x
Phantom Dragonfly x x

To request information on the plant guide, contact the
Forest Information Business Bureau
Akagi Town Office TEL.0854-76-2211 FAX.0854-76-2221

Directions from the Akagi High Meadows Road Stop

  1. On Route 54, turn left after the Akagi High Meadows Ski Area Entrance Sign. (800m)
  2. Turn right when the road ends. (200m)
  3. Turn left at the three-forked road. (600m)
  4. Turn right when there is a branch in the road. (100m)
  5. The entrance is 500 meters straight ahead on this road.

Parking lot: Fits 10 cars and 2 buses

For more information on the Akana Swamplands, please contact
Akagi Town Board Of Education
TEL.0854-76-2039 FAX.0854-76-2299
890 Oaza shimoakana, Akagi-cho, Iishi-gun, Shimane-ken, Japan 690-3513

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