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Munetoshi and wifeLong long ago there was a young man named Munetoshi Gendaiyu. Gendaiyu was young, but he was a superb strategist. So when the Yamanami Castle along the river valley of Mura no Go was attacked, he utilized the Banryu Gorge to trap his opponets and defend the castle in an unriveled victory.
As a reward for this smashing victory, the lord of the castle gave Munetoshi a wife.

However, many years later his wife contracted smallpox, and although she survived she became horribly deformed from the effects of the disease.
     Munetoshi hired a young maid to take care of his personal effects and she soon became his mistress. As time passed Munetoshi distanced himself from his wife more and more. Her resentment raged on until the day when she saw a way to exact her revenge.



2 falling dragons in the ravineOne day, Munetoshi took his wife and the maid down to the Banryu Gorge to play. The three of them climbed high up to a place called the Meikyou cliffs to enjoy the splendid view of the Banryu Gorge.

While the maid was fixing up her hair with a hand mirror, the wife began to slowly creep up behind her and perpared to shove the maid off the cliff down into the frothing ravine below.
But the maid noticed the deformed figure of Munetoshi's wife coming towards her in the hand mirror and knew something bad was about to happen, so she turned around at once and grabbed the wife's hair. The wife and the maid quickly got entangled and fell together down into the inaccessible ravine.

Munetoshi saw this and came running, but he was too late. When he got there all he could see was the figures of the two women wraped up in each other as their deafening wails echoed through the canyon.
On their way tumbling down the ravine, the two women's hair got caught in a tree jutting out from the side of the jagged cliff wall and was torn from their heads. They became as like two dragons sinking down to the bottomless depths below.