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CHESS 2005 平成17年度島根県高校生英語セミナー

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July 5th was the first day of the Shimane Prefectural High School Student English Seminar called CHESS. I was the group leader of a group called "Happy Saturn." There were 2 other ALTs and 1 JTE there to help me lead the 7 students in the group. We had a lot of fun things to do. The catch is that the kids have to speak English the entire time. On the last day all the groups performed a skit in English. This year's theme was the planets, so our play was about Saturn.
The 6th was the busiest day of CHESS. Starting in the morning and going all day, we had 5 workshops to attend. In the Art Workshop we made our group poster and the props for the skit. In the Music Workshop we wrote a song about Saturn. In the Drama Workshop we learned how to be relaxed in front of a lot of people. In the Sports Workshop we played some small games and a round or two of dodgeball. In the Trivia Workshop, we played Jeopardy (where all the questions were about Canada :P). And in our rest time we worked on our skit. In the evening there was a really fun dance party.
The 7th was the day of the skits. The Saturn group was nervous, but we practiced a lot the night before and that morning, so at showtime, everyone did really great. They performed thier skit and song perfectly! They weren't shy at all! The students in my group really made me proud! CHESS really was wonderful. I was glad that so many high school students that wanted to speak English came. Everyone seemed to have a really great time. I totally want to go again next year!

(Today's is a special report, so there is no Kanji)

6日はCHESSの一番忙しかった日です。朝から5つのワークショップをやりました。アートのでグループのポスターやプロップを作りました。ミュージックので土星について歌を作りました。ドラマので皆の前でリラックスになるのを習いました。スポーツので軽スポーツやドッジボールをしました。トリビアのでジョパディーゲームをしました(全部の質問はカナダについてだ ^_^)。レストタイムで英語劇を考え書きました。今夜、楽しくダンスがありました。



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