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My Father Passed On 父が亡くなりました

I was working from home today. Thank goodness. That was the only way they could get in touch with me.

This afternoon, a police man knocked on my door and delivered me a message on a pink slip announcing that my father had died in San Jose, CA. The slip had a number on it of a police woman in San Jose. When I called, I was told that my dad died in an apartment fire on Sunday.

Here is the link to a news article on it:

A 4-alarm fire. Wow. I am still in shock. I currently live in Philadelphia, PA on the other side of the USA. I am taking a plane to San Jose, CA tomorrow to get the process started.

I think I will have a memorial service in CA, one in WA (where many of the relatives live), and one to bury him in NE with my mom (15 years passed) and brother (who died at age 3).

Anyway, there it is. I am parentless. It is quite a shocker, let me tell you. I guess you are never really prepared, huh?








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